«Knowledge Is Power» Barbell & dumbbells

Knowledge Is Power” Barbell & dumbbells (semi cooked design) – гантели книги
Semi-cooked design
Barbell and dumbbells collection
These barbell and dumbbells named KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (Scientia potentia est) are a part of the “semi-cooked design” collection, i.e., the kind of design that employs what we may call ‘found objects’ – ready-made ingredients you can buy yourself, arrange them according to your blueprint and that’s it! Just like in cooking.
But what message does the KNOWLEDGE IS POWER collection send? As reading traditionally takes a lot of time you may want to work it out with the books you would love to read.
Ingredients: bar of a barbell and dumbbells;
Quantity: it depends on your physical and intellectual capabilities;
Tools needed: drilling machine with 25 mm diameter drill bit;
Preparation Time: 2 hours;
Recipe: divide books into two equal sizes and weight groups. Put each group on the top of each other and drill it. Work each end of the bar through the opening of the drilled books and screw them tight.
Note: Don’t take it too seriously.
Number of product: Piece Unique
Material: Books, steel bars
Dimensions: Barbells – L-330mm, Dumbbell- L-1500mm