Shamshir Cutlery

Problem: It’s a matter of fact that cutlery and dishware belong to two different esthetic families of tools. Because of their specific shape has been deriving from two different functionalities,they practically have nothing in common. Dish is designed to place food on, knife and fork to bring food from plate to mouth. They look at each other just alike warehouse and crane.
Inspiration: We can suppose that linear shape of cutlery stems from knives and swords design of western traditions. On the other hand we see eastern traditions, pretty different, curved shaped knives and swords. In our opinion this last option reaches a better esthetic and functional result: allows crane to embrace warehouse.
Skills: Using by-us-designed cutlery you require specific skills, it slightly differs from ordinary use of traditional cutlery, but it can be easily adopted. It requires same effort needed when you start learning how to use traditional cutlery.
Number of product: Piece Unique
Material: Silver
Dimensions: 203x25x4mm – Big Fork And Knife
185x25x4mm – Small fork & Knife
185x25x8.5mm – Spoon
Diameter: 320mm
Set: 5 pcs in set