An almost impossibly transparent and fragile design, the “Zero-Thickness Chair” was created by two Tbilisi-based design studios, XYZ Integrated Architecture and Sandro Lominashvili.

The chair’s breathtaking joinery was achieved by welding steel tubes in position of zero thicknes geometry.

Zero-thickness, also knoun as Non-manifold geometry refers to any edge that is shared by more than two faces. This situation typically arises when a face or edge is extruded but remains in its original position, resulting in two identical edges directly overlapping each other.

This smart constructin creates an impossible chair that seems unable to support any weight but actualy works as a strong seat.


Zero-Thickness Chair  #1, #2

Year – 2023

Piece unique

Material – steel, MDF

Dimention – 480 X 480 X 785 mm

Color – #1 – RAL 9005, RAL 3015, #2 – RAL 9005, RAL 3012

Steel Works – A. Barbaqadze

Paint Works – S&R Saroyan

Model – Anna

Photography by – D. Sulakauri