String Stool

String Stool is made of gas and heating pipe. The idea is not the newest and has already been used by designers in creating conceptual furniture items. The essence is laid down in the feature of a metal that takes any form due to flexibility and fills the object with almost musical dynamics, which is instantly read in the laconicity of the composition.


Number of product: Piece Unique
Material:Stainless Steel
Size: H-405, D-360 mm

String Stool is a vibrating filament of energy. It seems like it’s capable to shrink and stretch, to create any possible shape. It’s a part of the world symphony and it might be that the world consists exactly of those bent objects and is full of mystery.

Design: XYZ Integrated Architecture
Year: 2018
Number of product: Piece Unique
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: H-440, W-540 mm