Urban Eyewear

Surprisingly, eyeglasses are one of those artifacts which have hardly been influenced by modern urban lifestyle. They are still highly dependent upon a person’s face shape; they are functional and symmetrical. Boring. They have never reflected the hectic rhythm and contradictions of daily city life. At present, the URBAN EYEWEAR collection comprises 8 models: seven models of sunglasses and one model of prescription eyewear. They will suit everyone, regardless of sex or age. Each artifact consists of several pieces of glass connected to one another with no rims. This ‘glass structure’ is supported not by traditional rigid temples, but supple leather straps with balls serving as both ‘weights’ and a kind of ‘earwear’. Almost every major part of traditional eyeglasses was transformed, including nose pads. Most importantly, the same general principles underpinning the URBAN EYEWAEAR collection can be applied to create an infinite variety of new models.
Number of product: Piece Unique
Material: plastic, leather