Zigzag console back
The idea of a table implies a horizontal surface and a possibility of placing things on it. Theoretically though a topology should exist, where one of the functions from the two is disabled. At the table concept periphery there are objects hardly resembling the original, whereby a notion is valid, that we are still dealing with a table. Zigzag console table detaches from a usual console concept to the max. It stands at the wall where it belongs, but embodies renewal and change, deconstruction and rebirth. It relishes in the loss of its own sense.

Design: XYZ Integrated Architecture
Year: 2016
Number of product: Piece Unique
Craftsman: S&R Saroyan
Color: Pantone 7622C
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 360X1350X1020mm
Photographer: Daro Sulakauri
Models: Western Swamphen. Porphyrio porphyri
Special thanks to Tbilisi Zoo team