Plate Screenback
Problem: The beauty of eating is too short-lived. Soon after you start your dinner, it turns into an ugly aftermath: food destroyed by our ruthless jaws, with pathetic leftovers as evidence of our shameful gluttony.
Solution: This product is made of paper, though other materials such as porcelain, steel, precious metals, wood, composite materials and even stone are also possible. First of all, it serves to enhance privacy protection and psychological comfort; besides, it makes for a more aesthetically pleasing eating experience.
Design: XYZ Integrated Architecture
Year: 2014
Number of product: Nine Pieces
Material: Paper, Yellow Gold Plated Paper, White Gold Plated Paper
Dimensions: -40cm, H-12cm
Origami Work & Gold Plaiting: G.Zhuzhunashvili
Photographer: Daro Sulakauri (Picture 1 to 19)
Photographer: NakaniMamasaxlisi PhotoLab (Picture 20 to 35)
Models: Magda & Mariam Zandarashvili
Makeup: Irina
Origami Consulting: D.Katsia
Special Thanks to: V.Meski